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Join Us On a Journey of Transformation

The Foundation for Leadership, Imagination and Place (FLIP) is a new Foundation working alongside emergent leadership, particularly QT & BIPOC creatives, to transform the way arts for social change is resourced in Canada.


Thank you for joining us on this journey of listening and embracing ‘unlearning’ and action!


FLIP is thrilled you’re accepting this call to move beyond donor, to investor, to financial activist and co-conspirator.


Collectively we can navigate and transform this moment in time. Together we will nourish the roots of transformation, amplify the calls for justice and mobilize our resources toward a just economy.

For 2024 our investment priorities are:


Investing in the sustainability of grassroots organizations

Sustain is a unique leadership coaching program beginning in March 2024 for 10 emergent organizations led by/for QT & BIPOC creatives. Over a 9-month fellowship the Cohort will create, implement and generate new resources to enact their long-term sustainability plan.

By the end of the fellowship, 10 organizations will increase: total revenue, internal fundraising capacity, social capital, new revenue initiatives and self-confidence.

Cost of Initiative $170,000

Currently Raised $75,000

We seek investors for 1 of 3 levels of resources for a total of $100,000

Full Fellowship $15,000

Phase 2: Coaching Program

(6 months) $10,000

Phase 1: Leadership Program

(3 months) $5,000

Co-creating a Just Future

Investing in confronting unjust systems

FLIP seeks to change the existing model of organizational governance and resourcing by continuing to co-design the Foundation through two clusters (groupings of emergent leaders).


The Strategy & Governance Cluster’s objective is to create radically different models of governance design and decision-making to be piloted at FLIP and shared to influence other arts sector organizations.


The Just Economy Cluster will build a case for support and business planning for innovative revenue development based in Canada. FLIP will pilot this work for its own financial modeling and share lessons learned to others within the sector.


Each investment will honour the shared meaning-making and lived experience of emergent leadership towards confronting unjust systems.

Cost of Initiative $115,000

Currently Raised $90,000


We seek 5 investments of $5,000 for emergent leadership participation for a total of $25,000

We look forward to continuing to build the movement with you!

Invest Now!

Read our Fall 2023 Investor Report

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